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Islington based Producers Of The Most Nutritious Food In The World, Early Greens sells to businesses in London and the South East



Early Greens' crops are of the highest quality because we know that good cooking begins at the farm. We are very committed to food safety, as a discipline we instil in each member of our production and sales team, and have made significant investments to ensure that all our activities are done with food safety compliance as a priority. We are, ethically, dedicated to doing our part to protect public health and are working very hard every day to provide products that are safe and affordable.


Early Greens is a subsidiary of Metroponics’ and integral to our ‘build-grow-share’ value chain began in 2020 in the light of the covid-19 pandemic. We are based in Islington near the centre of London, and we serve areas within the M25 that include Islington, Central London, Camden, Harringay, Hackney and East London. It may seem strange that a supplier of microgreens is based in an urban area like Central London, but due to the compact nature of microgreens, and our excellent facilities, we are able to produce consistently high-quality produce while being local and close to many of our clients, enabling us to deliver on the same day of harvest. To provide the best cooking, you need the best ingredients.

We work with our organisational clients as partners, to understand their precise requirements and can produce what you need all year round, without you having to buy or import from elsewhere. Because there are over 100 microgreens varieties, we usually begin by growing you samples of your desired crops, if feasible, to help you make your contractual decision.

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We grow specialty vegetables for grocers, restaurants and event planners. We grow over 25 varieties and mixes, with mostly organic seeds including:

  • Sunflower

  •  Radish

  •  Broccoli

  •  Kale

  • Red Cabbage

  •  Cress

  • Borage

  •  Pea Shoots,

  • Lentils

  •  Alfalfa

  • Arugula (rocket)

  •  Red Amaranth

  •  Green Amaranth

  •  Mung Beans and more.




Whether you run a grocery, market store, shop, stall or door-to-door service you can confidently rely on us for weekly supply of our live and fresh produce.

We see you as a very valued partner in facilitating public awareness of the benefits of microgreens and in growing our customer base.

Please contact us for further details.

micro swiss chard


Excite and entertain your guests with our fresh and highly flavourful nutrient-rich veggies.

We can grow and timely deliver your preferred fresh salads for your corporate or celebratory events such as AGMs, luncheons, conferences, seminars, anniversaries, end-of-year parties etc.


We offer very competitive prices. Please contact us for details. 


By joining our weekly deliveries service for hotels and restaurants, you benefit from sharing overhead and production costs with other subscribers. This means we grow, harvest and deliver our live and fresh sparkling microgreens to all subscribers in your class on the same day in one round,  while also saving on transport cost.


Please contact us for further details.

Quality microgreens
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